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    Please remember that all quotes have a $ 300 minimum charge.


    1. Decide your map area

    What geographic area do you want to show on your map? Tell us as exactly as possible. You could say something like: “All of the state of Illinois”. Or maybe: “North to Maple St, east to Oak St, south to Cedar St, and west to Pine St”. Another way to do it is to set your internet browser to the exact area you want on Google Maps or Bing, and hit the Print Screen key on your keyboard. (It looks like “Prnt Scrn” or “Prt Sc”.)


    Map area


    2. Decide your size

    Will this map be printed? If so, decide on a size in inches (such as “8 inches wide by 10 inches high”) or centimetres, or specify by page size (such as “half a letter size page” or “full A4 page”). If it’s a map that will appear on your web page, decide on a pixel dimension (such as “500 pixels wide by 300 pixels high”).


    Map size


    3. Decide your content

    What do you want to show on this map? And how much detail? For instance, you may want to show an entire city, but only the main streets. Or you may want to map only a neighbourhood, but show every street and every school. Be as specific as you can — but remember: the smaller your map size, the less detail you can show.

    Map Content

    4. Decide your graphic style

    This is the fun part. You may already know exactly what kind of “look and feel” you want for your map. You may have some existing graphics or even a style manual that you will need the map to match. Or go to our pick a style page and browse through the different styles there.

    Graphic Style

    5. Tell us about it

    Once you’ve got a good idea what you’re looking for, tell us about it! Provide some contact information and Submit this form and we will get back to you as soon as possible

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    Submit Request

    6. We give you a quotation

    We’ll give you a quotation based on our understanding of what you want, and we’ll specify when you can expect the first draft. Our quotations start at USD$ 300.00.

    7. Place your order

    We won’t do anything until you place your order by return email.

    8. We send you the First Draft

    That’s right — you don’t have to pay without seeing what you’re getting!

    9. You approve the draft

    Let us know that everything is OK. If you need to make some changes, let us know, and we’ll tell you if the kind of changes you want will entail an extra charge. (They usually don’t.)

    10. Payment and delivery.

    you can pay by cheque or credit card. Once you’ve paid, we deliver your map as a digital file, by email or ftp.


charles syrett

Charles Syrett
Phone: (250) 505-1182
Fax: (866) 500-4705
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


How much do you charge?

This is custom work, so there’s no “flat rate” — every project is unique. We do have a minimum project charge of USD$300.00. Pricing is based on studio time, so the larger and more detailed your project is, the more it will cost.

How do I get a price?

To find out what your project will cost, just go to our “How It Works” page.

How long does it take?

A small project, such as a website locator map, will likely take about a week. A large detailed city map, showing all the streets, may take a month or more. We always let you know in your quotation how long your project will take.

Can I see the map before I pay for it?

Yes! We always send a draft of your map for you to approve, before invoicing.

What if I want to make changes to the map?

Just let us know after you’ve looked over the draft. We’ll tell you if the kind of changes you want will entail an extra charge. (They usually don’t.)

Why wouldn’t I just use Google Maps?

Google Maps (and Bing, and Yahoo, and MapQuest) do a great job of quick online mapping and driving directions. But it’s impossible for them to stay up-to-date or to customize to your needs. That’s why you never see Google Maps in books or magazines. If you need specific content or look-and-feel, you need custom mapping.

Do I own the map once I’ve paid for it?

Yes, you do. We don’t charge royalties or user fees. However, we do ask that you not resell the map without our permission. And we also retain rights to the original graphic files.

What about copyright?

We always work from royalty-free digital data. You don’t have to be concerned about publishing or posting a map with any legal encumbrances.

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