See the difference a professional Map makes.





This real estate professional saw the difference and ordered this map to upgrade his presentation!

Still using the same maps everyone else does?


  • icon-checkNothing sets you apart. Everyone else is doing screen shots of Google maps and MapPoint. Wouldn’t you rather professionalize your look?
  • icon-checkNo Focus. It’s just a bland, canned map with a pointer on it. And you’re stuck with what kind of details the map shows.
  • icon-checkNot always reliable and accurate. The marker on the above left map is where Google locates the property by its address. Sometimes the location can’t be found at all!
  • icon-checkEver try making your own map? Pretty frustrating and time-consuming if you don’t know how!


Here’s why you need a custom map!


  • icon-checkMake a great First Impression. Win your customers over, right at the start, with a stylish custom map that’s easy to understand and use.
  • icon-checkClear Communication. Notice how the above right map shows your customer, at a glance, exactly where the property boundary is, along with the locations of competitor properties.
  • icon-checkReliable and accurate. We make your maps from the most up-to-date sources. Your clients will see exactly what you want them to see, and in the right location. We guarantee our accuracy!
  • icon-checkMore for your money. The value far exceeds what you can create in-house.


What kind of maps do you need for your presentation?
Site Plan

This is a typical site plan. We show all the parking stalls because of the value they add to retail and industrial properties.

Local Context

Our local maps show your clients and prospects the amenities, and sometimes the nearby buildings, within the immediate vicinity. Wherever possible, we show access to arterial roads and public transportation.

City Context

A city map will help you to show where the property is located within the city, at a glance. We only show the most relevant features and arterials. If you want, we can include a zoom inset, as we did on this one.

Regional Context

If you're dealing with multiple properties over a large region, you'll want a regional map, such as this one showing the locations of Zellers stores across Canada.

Specialty Map

Yes, we do specialized maps to order. This one focusses on the retail corridor of Gatineau, identifying (in yellow) the retail lands, as well as identifying the larger retailers themselves. We do similar maps with industrial and residential themes.